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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stickles =)

Wade and I were up LATE last night watching movies. I love evenings like that. Today was his day off so we headed to Wilmington and I hit AC Moore for a couple things. I got the Bella Bella by Carina Gardner paper stack. Great pack! I also scored some acrylic paint for 20 cents each. I got some projects to do with the little one I babysit and some stickles.

About stickles- Not all glitter glue is created equal! I decided one day that I wanted to see what all the hype was about with glitter glue, so off to the store I go. I bought 8 different colors of Michael's brand glitter glue. I came home from the store so excited and decided to use it on a layout. I HATED IT! So from there on out I wouldn't touch it. Well on I won a challenge on National SB day and received 2 or 3 free bottles of stickles and I let them sit there for a month and a half. Finally used them and they are AMAZING!!!! I LOVE STICKLES! Definitely try Diamond first cause you can use that on anything! I went out and bought every color my AC Moore sells. So please if you have not tried them TRY THEM!!! I made this butterfly with them (which I plan on doing a tutorial for at some point)

Isn't it pretty? I love making them! Hope you'll go try some stickles!

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